Thursday, 31 December 2015

TK Maxx Haul!

First off, let me say, my trips to TK Maxx are far and few between but I went with my family for a nosey today and ended up finding a few items that I kinda love! I guess, to be honest, for me in there is usually hit or miss but today it ended up being a good day!

Firstly I picked up this black longline bomber jacket which the patches.. I saw it and fell in love. It from a brand I've never actually heard of called Sweewë Paris. It's linked incase you wanna check it out! I got this for £15 today but I'm definitely sure it was worth a lot more after checking the brand out online!

I also picked up 3 Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London items which are on offer on the website but not as cheap as what I was able to pick them up for today! (Bargain!!!!)

The first is the lipstick in the shade Cashmere. I paid £5.99 for this today. The RRP was £19 and on the site today it is £13.30!

The second is the lipstick again in Praline which is slightly darker than Cashmere but so gorgeous I had to have the both! Today I paid £5.99 and the RRP was £19 but online today it is £13.30!

Here's the two colours swatched. Cashmere is on the bottom and Praline on the top! I think Praline will go perfectly with my Soar lip liner. (Flash used both times close then further away.)

The third item I picked up was the Smoked Out eye pencil in Fig. I paid £4.99 for this item today and the RRP is £15 and online it is reduced to £10.50! All in all, I think these were a great purchase and an absolute steal!

The final thing I picked up in TK Maxx today was a St. Tropez Powder Bronzer which I got for £5.99 on Look Fantastic the RRP is £20.45 and it's down to £16.36 online today!

I seriously got some absolute steals today and I couldn't be happier! I definitely think I will be checking TK Maxx out more often and if you're on a budget, a student or feeling January in the bank already I'd probably say checking out your nearest one is a must!!

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