Monday, 14 December 2015

New Room Tour & Christmas Decorations.. Blogmas day fourteen!!

Hey Guys!

Here's a small room tour after I redecorated my bedroom and a look at some of my new Christmas decorations!!

Firstly, as it's probably more than obvious my favourite thing is lights! I'm obsessed. I just love how I can turn them on and they can just completely change the mood of my room!

At the minute I've strip lights under my shelves/along my wall (They can change to give my room 16 different shades of colour - amazing!!), christmas multicoloured lights on my top shelf, white light lanterns on my window and purple fairy lights on my small Christmas tree.

Here's what my strip lights are like when I'm watching films etc. on my computer! They look so cool. To match my pastel theme I have going on I have them usually set to a pink/purple colour as shown!

My wallpaper is Clouds on one wall, my two side walls are pastel pink and my wall with the lights on it is white to brighten the colour from the lights.

I've now added my TV to the bottom of my bed along with my computer, so good for not moving/playing games!

I have my favourite/most used cosmetics and things sitting on my shelves and when they're lit up they also look really cool!

Underneath my shelf is my area where I usually get ready it has strip lights and bunting with my name that I got as a gift. It's really cute.

One of my favourite things in my room is my light shade. This is an iridescent light shade from b & q and I am in love. It's so pretty!!!

Onto my tree area! I have a 3ft pink tree from B&Q with mini baubles from Primark on it and a set of 20 battery operated purple fairy lights on it from eBay. Beside my tree I have my favourite Lindt advent calender and my pink earmuffs from Primark - so cosy!

That's all from my room so far! I'm super happy with it and LOVE chilling in it!

(◍•ᴗ•◍) - ♡



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