Saturday, 5 December 2015

November Favourites.. Blogmas day five!

Hi guys, 

today I thought I'd let you in on all my favourites from November as it's creeping further and further into December!

I'll group these into 3 categories;

1. Make up/beauty
2. Clothes & accessories
3. Misc favourites!

Onto category one..

My first and biggest favourite throughout November has been Ari by Ariana Grande. I just love Ariana. Her style, her music and just her. (We definitely needed more Ariana in Scream Queens, just saying.)
When I heard she was releasing a scent I knew I had to smell it and omg it didn't disappoint! It's a very sweet smelling perfume with, I think, marshmallow being a very prominent scent. If you think maybe that's not for me definitely just give this scent a smell. If I had to bottle myself into a scent I would say it was this and I don't see myself wearing any other perfume for a long time. I also need to mention the packaging. It came is a beautiful pastel coloured box with photos of Ariana on the sides in black and white. I still have the box displayed in my room because it's so gorgeous! The bottle itself is the most beautiful shape but the best part for me is the faux fur ball keyring on the neck of the bottle to replicate spray atomisers! It really looks amazing and when I wear the scent I get lots of compliments and when people see the bottle they are always asking what I use!

I'm also pretty obsessed with two winter lipsticks! Twig from Mac was always my go to daily lipstick (and still kinda is). But, I've been trying to mix it up slightly for winter and now my hair is dark I've been rocking Beguiled from Topshop and Stone from Mac. Beguiled is a colour I've been wearing for over a year but it's a nice rich darker red lipstick. Stone is a brown coloured lipstick which on my skin tone has a very slight grey tone to it and I love it for this time of year but sometimes I do find it hard to wear!

On to my nails! A nail favourite is definitely Ethereal nail polish from Accessorise. It's the most beautiful sheer iridescent shade and is amazing over a pale pastel shade for winter. I had been wearing it as a top coat over a pale pink and it was gorgeous and left my nails an amazing frosty pink shade.
As usual, Primark nails have become a staple in my winter wardrobe (and every other season). The newer designs are so cool with different glitter shades, pastels and longer 'claw' nails being released! I'm in love and stock up on multiple pairs everytime I am in a Primark!
I recently got a set of nails which were cloud print and they may be some of my favourites ever. The colours are lovely and they make a great change to the usual one colour nails!

In clothing/accessories..

My next favourite is knee high/thigh high boots. I have recently purchased over the knee black flat boots but I also have high heeled versions which I got on Public Desire last year. They're basically everywhere now but I can't talk highly enough of them as they are super cosy and comfortable and now I can wear my flats most of the time and switch to a heeled pair for a night out - perfect!! I rock mine during the day with a nice jumper dress, scarf & coat and they look super cosy and make it look like I definitely made an effort! For a night time look I pair my heeled version with a mini-dress or skirt and top. They're perfect for covering up a little more without wearing tights!

Onto my misc favourites..

My November favourite for candles is Candy Cane Lane. I think it's a perfect November scent as it's got that distinct Christmas mint smell but isn't too over bearing for anyone who isn't in the Christmas spirit before December.. Time to get Home Sweet Home burning soon I think!

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A purchase I made in November which has taken up quite a lot of my time is an adult colouring book! This is great for clearing your head or just something to mindlessly do to pass time. I highly recommend!

My last favourites are entertainment based. They are one tv show, 2 anime's and 2 artists to check out!

Tv Show: Scream Queens. This show. I watched it firstly and wasn't fussed and now I'm hooked. It's so bad it's great! Ariana being in it doesn't hurt either but the cast is great and it's just an easy watch if you've a spare 40 mins!

Anime: I recently got the premium Crunchy Roll. (Where was this all my life?) It's so much better and I can read manga from my Phone etc so easily now! I'm currently finishing Watamote. This is the perfect show for an outsider because I think you'll relate too. It's a good show but not one of my favourites. 
My second fav was a show I always meant to watch and never did until last month. It's Anohana. I've seen so many people talk about this so I finally watched it. It's so emotional and all I'll say is that I cried like a baby at the end. It's definitely worth a watch!

Music: My favourite kinda music is singer/songwriter with an electronic heart. Therefore it's no surprise LIGHTS & Porter Robinson are among my fav artists ever. But recently I haven't stopped listening to Purity Ring's most recent stuff which is amazing and Grimes new album which is insanely good!

So there it is. My Nov favs..
What is your favourites last month or just ever? Let me know so I can check some of it out or if you've any recommendations for me please post them!

(◍•ᴗ•◍) - ♡

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  1. Great favourites! Love the cloud nails, they are so cute! :) x