Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Tree Reveal & Christmas Decor.. Blogmas day eighteen!


Here's my Christmas tree & decorations this year! It includes my tree some closer shots of whats on it and some other Christmas decor I have around my house :)

This is our main tree. It's got white star lights. Silver, copper, white and random baubles. Then topped off with candy canes (my fav part)! <3

Here's a closer look at our baubles as we have longer 'drop' baubles, glittered and metallic ones also!

Beside this tree we have a window filled with other christmas trinkets from the years (all angels..) and then some Christmas figures! The snowman is my favourite here. Love the pastel purple.

At the front of my house we have what we call the 'gawdy' tree, lol. It's filled with coloured lights.. filled being an important word haha. This tree is really our traditional tree with baubles from I was a kid still knocking about on there.. Over 2 decades old!! 

This tree is where we keep our presents and open them on Christmas morning and really has the 90's feel I grew up with.. and most of the decorations lol!

Hope you liked having a look at my Christmas decorations!!

(◍•ᴗ•◍) - ♡



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