Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What I Got for Christmas!

Hi guys!

I know it's been a while but here's back to more regular posts and fun product reviews, ootd, fotd, hauls etc!

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I was absolutely spoilt over Christmas, such a lucky girl!

I got some absolutely amazing things and here's a bit about what I got this Christmas as I'm always nosey to see what everyone else got too!

My friends and family know me well as pjs were a big hit for me, lol! I got ones from my friends and two of my sisters! (Spy those unicorn pjs in the top left.. Amazing!)

My 'big' presents were my Wii U & Adidas trainers I have lusted after forever! I even have them on right now, they're my new favourite!

I got a 2 bobble hats, a Wonder Woman bobble head, and then lots of misc goodies like a Thor tee, lots of sweets/chocolate and then beauty items like nails, eyelashes, etc! They're always so handy as I go through a LOT.

One cool item I got was Jack Wills brushes which also come in a nice case. I put a picture in below because I really love them and the pink matches my make up case, which I love!!

Another really cool item which sticks out is this Luxury Beauty box from Amazon. It was part of an offer from which I got other presents, if you spent over £40 you got this box free, but it includes some cool sample/smaller sized products to try out! I'm going to do another post going into detail about all these products as I think this is a cool idea and might introduce you to products you haven't seen yet like myself!

All in all, I had a really great Christmas with my family and many great nights out with my friends (really excited for NYE!).

Hope yours was great too and feel free to let me know about all your Christmas highlights & fav gifts!!

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