Thursday, 10 December 2015

Primark Nails.. Blogmas day ten!

Hi guys!

As you more or less know from my constant mentioning of them in posts I am pretty much obsessed with Primark nails. For £1 including glue (and for me usually 2 pairs) they are pretty hard to beat. The selection they also come in is overwelming! I have glitter, matte, 'claw' shaped, translucent, pastel and more! They are my favourite nail out there for shape and size as they fit my hands perfectly and many people are surprised to hear that they aren't my own natural nails! 

The glue is also pretty good. I know of other glues which can give me a similar last (time-wise) for a lot more money!

Here's a picture of some pairs I have which I haven't worn:

Here's a few pairs on me to show what they're like when on:

I also thought I'd add some tips as I wear these constantly and have for a few years (I'm rarely seen without them!)

1. Put the glue on your own nail and not the false one as it's a lot easier to stick it down then!

2. Push down hard on the nail for up to 10 seconds to ensure the glue has set slightly and to get rid of any air under the nail and make sure its flat to your own.

3. To make them look more natural don't be afraid to file the nail. This is a step I personally don't find necessary with these nails.

4. Finally, put the curved edge to the bottom as this makes the nail fit better on your nail bed and gives them a more natural look.

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