Thursday, 25 February 2016

Snapshot: Wednesday 24th February 2016.

Yesterday was my little sister's 20th birthday. We spent Tuesday night making the kinder bueno cheesecake and messy cupcakes! We honestly haven't made either before and went out on a whim and gave them a go.. To be honest I think they turned out pretty well! (More on those later!)

We spend yesterday afternoon shopping as she treated herself to dungarees and a cute stripey top from Topshop among other things! Obviously, I was tagging along and trying to be good as pay day is two days away but I managed to get my hands on a few necessities from Boots and my local Chemist (Drugstore). I had to have great restraint here as I could have easily come away with arms full of items as the drugstore has really stepped up it's game lately! There were so many amazing items that are making it onto my wish list to get trying out asap! I'll post a mini-haul for you guys here..

3. Botanics 100% Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz - £3.99 (currently on offer - £5.99 full price)

We came home and our family visited and I ate my body weight in food and had a few drinks. We put all the food we made and snacks out on the table our selection kept me happy anyway..

It was a good day. I ended it by writing this post while enjoying my last drink, my view right now looks like this..

I couldn't manage to get a great outfit photo today but I did my best again making great use of photobooth on my mac lol.. 

I wore an old Warehouse striped swing dress which has short sleeves and a high neck. It's just a loose stretchy jersey material but I absolutely love the stripe on this and it's one of my favourite Warehouse pieces ever! I have it paired with a Henry Holland tartan scarf and my vintage Levi's denim jacket from Urban Renewal. This is my typical style, comfy yet I like to look like I made an effort, I hope! On my bottom half I just wore black tights and my ankle high black and white converse! 

For my make-up I did my signature full coverage face with a warm toned contour and Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny. Duh.

Hope you all had a great 'hump day', being off work this week is amazing. Having time to chill is always great. I'm off to watch Teen Wolf & Pretty Little Liars now. I genuinely look forward to Wednesdays to catch up!! What shows are you hooked on at the minute? Let me know!

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Snapshot: Sunday 21st February 2016.

I've been looking to post more personal posts on this blog as well as my make up looks and products etc. When thinking of new ways to do this I decided to do 'Snapshot' posts. I'll post a few snaps of that day possibly about what I did, what I wore, what my make up look was and general fun from my day. I find these kinds of things fun to check out on other blogs so I thought I'd try this idea out!

My first 'snapshot' is from Sunday past. This was my usual lazy Sunday morning catching up on YouTube videos and blog posts, making pancakes and regrettably getting out of my pj's once the afternoon nears..

I then got showered and ready and got Chinese food with my friend. I love doing casual things like this on Sunday. I hadn't seen her in a while so we caught up and ate good food - perfect!

I went slightly more 'natural' for my makeup. I had dewy skin still with good coverage, a light powder contour, light dusting of cool brown toned eyeshadow in my crease, used my highlight on my lid (as well as brow bone & facial highlighing areas), did my brows as usual, placed small 'natural' eyelashes on and Jeffree Star Androgyny Liquid Lipstick.

I wore black high waisted jeans from Wallis, a grey top from Matalan (Not in stock no more but very easy to find something similar), my Urban Renewal Levi's denim jacket (favourite) and my favourite Adidas Tubular in Grey which I got on ASOS but they are sold out right now. (I didn't get a full outfit pic as I was by myself and that was too hard)

We decided to go see Zoolander 2 that evening. I enjoyed the first so I was excited and it really is what me and my friend would call 'our' humour lol! It was a good film (got nothing on Deadpool obviously) and I had a good night. I did change my shoes before going to a small heeled black chelsea boot I got from Primark. These shoes were an absolute steal.. I paid £3 in the sale!! Obviously they aren't going to last forever but for now they're great! They have the perfect heel height for me as I'm pretty tall already and they are pretty comfortable. I've even worn them to work which is the ultimate comfort test as that includes countless hours on my feet in a busy store - they have my approval now!

To complete my look I added some of my favourite Primark false nails. These are a steal for £1 and paired with my Superdrug nail glue last me up to 7 days! For £1 I also get 2 pairs in each pack, what more could a girl want!! These are the most beautiful colour and I'm in love. I also may or may not have purchased 4 packets... Oops. I can't resist!

Sunday was a great day filled with fun things and great company. I really enjoyed myself and hope you guys enjoyed this little snippet of my day! I'll definitely be posting more of these are they are super fun and I'll hopefully get some full length outfit photos posted soon for you guys!

Thank you sooo much for reading if you got this far! xo

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

90's Grunge Inspired Look...

I've been thinking of rocking some more shades on my eyes apart from my safety smokey eye and the odd gold sparkle on a night out. When looking up some new eye looks including more purples, red etc a lot of the looks I came across were very 90's grunge inspired!

I actually really like this look, it can be fun and take a little less time as everything doesn't have to be 'perfect'. I really loved a smokey eye and Gwen definitely rocked some amazing looks in the 90's making her palette the perfect contender for this look. Instead.. I decided to opt for products I haven't used or haven't used a lot. This was to pick things I probably haven't talked about on here to let you know about other amazing product's I love!

I seen these pictures of Drew Barrymore which inspired me. They feature a dark berry lip, natural looking brows and a minimal eye. One picture has no eye makeup and the other has a black liner on top.  To change up the eyes I used a purple eyeliner smudged out and a pop of berry eyeshadow on top to match the lips slightly! I tried to keep it minimal but I ended up smoking out under my eye a little too, to balance my eyes out. I couldn't resist..

I tried to keep my brows as natural as possible. I don't have the 90's skinny brow so mine are obviously slightly thicker but I only filled in where necessary and added a brow gel to define my own hairs and make it more natural.

My skin was kept quite 'natural' looking also. I just did a wash of my foundation which is the match to my skin tone. I didn't contour (no matter how much I wanted too..) and only added a light dusting of powder in my t-zone. 

Here's my finished look:

Product List:

1. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick
2. L'oreal Paris True Match Powder
3. Urban Decay Blackout Shadow (brows)
4. L'oreal Paris Perfection Brow Artist Plumper

1. Ciate London x Olivia Palermo Smoked Out Gel Kohl Eyeliner in Fig
2. Bobbi Brown Blush in Berry (lip & lash line)
3. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil (black in waterline)
4. Benefit They're Real Mascara

1. Mac Soar Lip Pencil (to guide my lip shape)
2. Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny!! (FAVOURITE)

I actually really like this more 'natural' look and think I'd rock this more often!

Also, I want to mention my liquid lipstick again. I got this in the mail on Thursday and I've been trying to post is. Ugh, It's so gorgeous!

Here's a close up picture. This colour is everything.. I'm in love.

There's my take at this berry toned look and I'd definitely like to try more 90's tutorials as there was so many looks from then! Let me know what was your favourite and least favourite 90's trends!

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Friday, 19 February 2016

My Style Inspiration..

Everyone's personal style is so individual so it always fascinates me to see what brands, people and places inspire their look. 

I thought I'd give you an insight into what makes me weak at the knees when it comes to fashion and what social media places I look to for inspiration!

My personal look is something that took me a while to find. I definitely have two moods. My comfy, chic, 'street style' and my girly, pastel, dressy mood. I think most girls can relate to this. However I feel that day determines how I dress. Even though both of my looks can be slightly different I think they both have a strong essence of 'me'. Obviously I also have different kind of looks (formal, smart-casual etc) but this is focusing on my everyday kind of look!

                  -    -    -    -    - 

My comfy look would tend to be a loose tee, black jeans, trainers and bomber jacket. This is one of my favourite kind of looks for hanging with my friends and probably going to the cinema or doing something chill. I'm in love with trainers lately as they can look like I made an effort and I can have the most comfortable shoes on. Best of both worlds! I got Adidas Tubular in Grey for Christmas and they haven't left my feet. They're a mix of fashion and practicality - perfect!

I'm practically obsessed with Kara Craig for this kinda style. She designs her own line and oh my god. Everything she posts I need in my wardrobe stat. I linked her instagram above and I have no idea why she only has over 5K followers. Her designs are amazing and her style embodies everything I want in my casual style. Her hair and make up is also always on point. HERE is her portfolio linked and you can have a look at her stuff there also. (That's her website where you can see her shop & contact her.) The camel hoody she designed with the large front pocket is to die for and her colour scheme of all the earth tones is amazing. She's definitely one of my favourites ever.

Also, I love the brand Profound Aesthetic. I've linked their instagram which has their links and you can see the items they released! Their clothing is very much in the same vein of Kara Craig's but it started out with only mens clothing and has now expanded. The items on their site is amazing and I kinda, again, want it all! 

On the high street ASOS is also great for this look. I got my bomber off there and I absolutely love it. Their own brand clothing is great quality and super affordable!

A person who I look up to for this kind of style is probably Halsey. There are some of her pieces she would wear that I definitely couldn't rock but some of her style I'm pretty obsessed with. I'll post some her looks that are my favourites below. One of my all time favourites is her all black look on the bottom left. I'd definitely rock that.



                  -    -    -    -    - 

My other mood when it comes to style is girlier and involves a lot of lighter shades like grey/pastels. I love wearing skirts/dresses with high boots. I think it's so feminine! I usually rock this style if I'm maybe going for coffee/dinner or even out at night for a full glam look! 

Some of my favourite brands for these kinds of style are mostly high street brands like Missguided, Boohoo, Topshop and ASOS. I can nearly always find something similar to what I'm looking for on ASOS. It's got everything your fashions wants can think of! 

For this style I'd definitely say someone that inspires me is Ariana Grande. I love everything about her. Her style, make up, music, products.. Everything! Another big inspiration to me lately has been Scream Queens also, round of applause to the wardrobe people on that set. All. Those. Looks. Slay.. I'll post some of my favourite looks from both of these that i'd rock.

                  -    -    -    -    - 

Some one who embodies both of these perfectly for me is Zendaya. Damn. Her style is unreal (and that body!). I'd give everything to look like her! She's amazing. Here's a 'few' of her looks that I'm totally enamoured with.

All these looks. Ugh.

                    -    -    -    -    - 

Another thing that inspires my style is Japan, and specifically, Harajuku in Tokyo. I know what you're thinking.. Girls cover in Hello Kitty and a million different clips in their hair? No. The street style in Harajuku is amazing and I'm totally obsessed. Porter Robinson released a music video for his song Lionhearted and I think the style is represented in this so well. By that I mean I wanna wear it ALL. Please. Here's some of my favourite street style picks in harajuku..

This is from Porter's video (YouTube Link):

The style in this video is amazing! It's also an amazing song with a really cool video. Totally my aesthetic. 

So that's my post. Hopefully it gave you some more insight into my style, some of my influences and possibly introduced you to some cool fashion!!

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

10 Things I Want To Do in 2016

Looking back over 2014 and partly 2015 I did some cool and fun things. I decided to make a list of 10 things I'd like to do this year. Some big, some small, but important to me none the less. I want to try and tick as many of these off the list as possible and I should probably get a move on as it's mid February now!

1. Visit Glasgow (Again). To be honest I've spent lots of time in Glasgow and I absolutely love it there. It's the only place where I would move in a heartbeat. (Tokyo is a close second.. But I've never actually been there lol!). I went by ferry a few years ago and it was so nice but flying from Ireland is so easy, about 20-25 mins in the air. I love everything about Glasgow. The people, events, shops (!!!) and the nightlife! Oh, and I can't forget that accent!! I've also come across some of the best food there. I wanna go back so bad right now..

2. Go to more concerts. I've always been an avid concert go-er. Concerts and festivals are my thing. Hell, music in general is just my thing. I've seen so many amazing acts over the years. I'm so lucky. This year I definitely want to add to that list though. Belsonic and Tennant's Vital are two festivals in Northern Ireland and I tend to try and not miss either for at least a day of the line up. They usually happen around the same time so last year I managed to see Bry, Twenty One Pilots, All Time Low, Echosmith, Bastille, Ellie Goulding, John Newman and Calvin Harris in the space of a few days - amazing!

3. Beach evenings in Ireland. I spent a few days at the beach with my friends last year. Obviously, living in Ireland these are few and far between unless you feel like wrapping up before the beach to avoid getting frostbite. But these are some of my favourite nights. My friend just kinda came to collect me and a few of us went down and just walked along the beach and it's so nice. Maybe being outside isn't that bad after all..

4. Travel more. This one is a bit more broad but I kinda just wanna spend a little less time here at home. Maybe take a shopping trip somewhere else, maybe just go on a random adventure. This is just something I really want to do more and get out of my comfort zone.

5. Nerd out more. Ok, so anyone who knows me personally knows my deep passion for all things nerdy. I definitely want to nerd out more in general. Probably did enough for the whole of 2016 after seeing Deadpool last night. It was everything I expected and more. The violence, gore and sarcasm was on point. I couldn't love it any more if I tried. But yeah, lets talk about films, games and general geekery more on here, deal?

6. Explore my home town more. When having a discussion with a friend lately I realised there's so many things, places and activities I've missed out on. I never venture much into my home town. I spend my time in the cinema, shopping, in food places or home. I never really see what this place has got to offer. Last year I did a handful of fun things around here, some including a haunted walk around the city walls and a halloween haunted house. I'd definitely be up for more in 2016!

7. Fire pit with my friends. This one is really just a good people, good times and good stories kinda vibe. I just love hanging with my friends, maybe having a drink and a good catch up because we don't see each other so much now life kinda gets in the way so these times are precious and the best. Here's to more!

8. CREATE. I love drawing/painting and just creating art. Wether that is through art, music, photography or even blogging. I always need a creative outlet and I always have. This blog has really helped me to realise that and start to get my creative juices flowing again at the end of 2015 and I really want to carry that into 2016. It helps keep me sane! So here's to more posts, drawing/art and music! (I will continue to play/get better at guitar too)

9. Expand my make up knowledge. Make up is a passion of mine, I love everything about it. How it makes me feel when I complete a look and think I've nailed it, the before and after, the creative-ness of it, the limitless boundaries. You can do anything you want with make up, it has no rules. I really want to expand everything I know. I want to know more about products, brands, application, what suits which skin types etc. I just want to absorb everything I can! I also want to attend classes/tutorials on make up. I want to increase my application skills a lot. I just love a beat face, ok?

10. Expand my blog. This one is kinda obvious but I've realised lately I love doing this. I love buying new products and trying them out and then to have a place to write what I think and interact with other people and hear their thoughts and opinions is pretty cool. I also love now that when I read about products I know it's from a mutual make up lover and not someone getting paid to give a good review (pet peeve!). I love how I can trust others opinions and hopefully you all can trust mine too. It's a community on here and I want to delve deeper into that and make more friends/mutuals. Talk to me and ask me questions, I'm excited to answer them and talk with you!!

So there you go, thats what I want to do/achieve in 2016. I know it's a bit late as most people do this in the new year but it honestly took me this long to figure out what I wanted to do! I also hope this let you get a closer look into me and what I like etc. I thought it was time for a personal post on here.. So, let me know things you want to do/improve on! Let's have a talk..

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