Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Snapshot: Sunday 21st February 2016.

I've been looking to post more personal posts on this blog as well as my make up looks and products etc. When thinking of new ways to do this I decided to do 'Snapshot' posts. I'll post a few snaps of that day possibly about what I did, what I wore, what my make up look was and general fun from my day. I find these kinds of things fun to check out on other blogs so I thought I'd try this idea out!

My first 'snapshot' is from Sunday past. This was my usual lazy Sunday morning catching up on YouTube videos and blog posts, making pancakes and regrettably getting out of my pj's once the afternoon nears..

I then got showered and ready and got Chinese food with my friend. I love doing casual things like this on Sunday. I hadn't seen her in a while so we caught up and ate good food - perfect!

I went slightly more 'natural' for my makeup. I had dewy skin still with good coverage, a light powder contour, light dusting of cool brown toned eyeshadow in my crease, used my highlight on my lid (as well as brow bone & facial highlighing areas), did my brows as usual, placed small 'natural' eyelashes on and Jeffree Star Androgyny Liquid Lipstick.

I wore black high waisted jeans from Wallis, a grey top from Matalan (Not in stock no more but very easy to find something similar), my Urban Renewal Levi's denim jacket (favourite) and my favourite Adidas Tubular in Grey which I got on ASOS but they are sold out right now. (I didn't get a full outfit pic as I was by myself and that was too hard)

We decided to go see Zoolander 2 that evening. I enjoyed the first so I was excited and it really is what me and my friend would call 'our' humour lol! It was a good film (got nothing on Deadpool obviously) and I had a good night. I did change my shoes before going to a small heeled black chelsea boot I got from Primark. These shoes were an absolute steal.. I paid £3 in the sale!! Obviously they aren't going to last forever but for now they're great! They have the perfect heel height for me as I'm pretty tall already and they are pretty comfortable. I've even worn them to work which is the ultimate comfort test as that includes countless hours on my feet in a busy store - they have my approval now!

To complete my look I added some of my favourite Primark false nails. These are a steal for £1 and paired with my Superdrug nail glue last me up to 7 days! For £1 I also get 2 pairs in each pack, what more could a girl want!! These are the most beautiful colour and I'm in love. I also may or may not have purchased 4 packets... Oops. I can't resist!

Sunday was a great day filled with fun things and great company. I really enjoyed myself and hope you guys enjoyed this little snippet of my day! I'll definitely be posting more of these are they are super fun and I'll hopefully get some full length outfit photos posted soon for you guys!

Thank you sooo much for reading if you got this far! xo

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