Thursday, 7 January 2016

Amazon Luxury Beauty

As I mentioned in my What I Got For Christmas post I got the Amazon Luxury Beauty Box as part of a gift. My gift was over £40 and I recieved this as Amazon has this on as a promotional gift at the time!

It includes some cool sample and travel sized products from brands I haven't heard about and some I have and have been meaning to check out!

It's a cool idea and I thought I'd let you know about the box, what I recieved and what I think of the products I have used!

Firstly, in the box, there are two Caudalie samples. These include a overnight recovery oil and an anti-wrinkle eye and lip cream! To be honest I haven't used the anti-wrinkle cream as it's not something I would usually reach for. On the other hand the overnight recovery oil is rather good! I have used a couple drops on my face where my dryer skin is and then put my usual moisturiser on before bed and I've noticed my face feeling noticeably less dry the next day.

Emma Bridgewater Live Well Look Well Tea & Oranges Hand Cream. This smells just as you would expect but is a fresh and not too overpowering smell. It's, to me, a standard hand cream and I can't fault it but I will definitely reach for my Soap & Glory Hand Food over this. (It's smells so good)

Jessica Phenomen Oil. This is an intensive moisturiser and recommends being used on the body. (ie. around nails, elbows, feet, knees) Basically where necessary. As it's winter I've been mixing a few drops with my body moisturiser and noticing a big difference! If I've a dryer patch somewhere (I tend to have very dry skin) I'll apply it directly. With people who have come into contact with me complimenting my soft skin! (Yes!)

Radial Stemcall Super-food Cleanser. This is a 2-in-1 cleanser and mask which is a good product for me right now! It's again for dehydrated skin (yay) with stem cells, rose hip and vitamin e. Ok, honestly, I was kinda sceptical about the stem cells part and to be honest I still am but as a cleanser this is a good product. It works like your usual hot cloth cleanser. I put it on my face, massaged it in and rinsed with a muslin cloth! For the mask you apply a think layer leave it on for 15 mins then rinse! It's a good product and I was happy as my skin felt soft and clean.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. This is to soothe, brighten and lift. I applied this first in the evening and didn't notice a large difference but with being back to work this week and applying it to my sleep deprived eyes in the morning I have noticed a slight difference! My eyes appear less puffier quicker and brighter. I still need to get that brightening under eye concealer out though!

MeruMaya Intergrative Effective Skincare Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil. Well that's a mouthful! This improves moisture, line, elasticity and is soothing and smoothing. Ok, that's a big ask from a oil. One of it's main focus is anti-ageing but it also has directions for use on the face, body, scalp, hair, cuticles, lashes and brows so it really does sound like an everything and everywhere oil! I have again only tried this on my face mixed with my moisturiser but I am impressed by it again keeping my skin soft and bright! I will be interested to use this on my scalp/hair though..

Rituals Miracle Scrub. This is a softening hand scrub and I have to admit I really like this! I rub it on my dry hands and then rinse. I have to admit I really like this. It keeps my winter hands really soft and paired with my Hand Food it's perfect for this time of year.

Delarom Paris Acquaconfort Cream. This is a natural hydrating moisturiser. I used this on my dry skin and it was really light and worked well with my skin!

If you use any of these products or have done in the past please let me know what you think of them!

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