Sunday, 27 March 2016

Topshop Mother Of Pearl Highlighter

I recently was looking on the Topshop website at their beauty and makeup range as I am a big fan of their products. I feel you get great quality products for an even better price!

I decided to purchase the Mother of Pearl Chameleon Highlighter. It's a gorgeous warm toned gold highlight with a slight pink shine off it when its in the light which complements the face/cheek area perfectly!

I was so surprised at how creamy/buttery this felt and it glides onto your skin to leave a perfect finish. Sometimes with highlight I can find that some make the texture on my skin more noticeable, this doesn't stop me wearing the highlight, but with this one its one of the best I own at giving me a flawless highlight!

This highlight is smaller in pan size than most of mine but it definitely feels like my higher end brands for sure and for £12.50 it's a great find!

Here's how the products looks swatched under a flash:

I only edited the background, the product & my finger are untouched!

It's an amazing product and I definitely recommend this to anyone of any skin colour it's gorgeous! This would also be a great product for the eyes and especially the inner corner highlight or brow bone highlight!! So multi-purposeful and worth it's price tag!

If you're interested in this highlight you can pick it up HERE. If you own this highlight let me know what you think and if you don't are you going to pick it up or considering it?

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