Friday, 11 March 2016

Sleek Highlight Palette

I wanted to talk today about the Sleek Highlight Palette I finally got my hands on!

This baby was only £10 and includes some great product in gorgeous packaging. The warm mirrored gold packaging makes this palette look way higher end than it's price - and that's exactly what I want whenever buying products!

I got this a few weeks ago but have been trying it out before posting so I could really let you know what I thought of it and how I find it best to wear/use.

The colours in this palette are quite different yet all shades I would wear and that's great. I love having a choice. This palette is actually quite small it would fit nicely in my hand and this makes it a great thing to throw into a makeup bag or handbag. With the selection of shades and size it's so travel friendly and perfect for people on the go!

The palette has a small mirror inside the lid, a small brush to apply the product and 4 shades. This includes 1 cream highlight shade and 3 powder shades. Perfect for all looks.

I really love the shades in this palette and they are all very buttery and surprisingly pigmented. I love quite a bright highlight and this palette holds its own against some of my higher end favourites!

The cream shade is called Ecliptic and is the top left shade in the palette. Its a metallic pink champagne shade which is extremely pigmented as shown above. This was the first shade I swatched and I was so impressed. I love a cream highlight when I'm wearing a minimal makeup look and want a natural glow and this keeps my skin looking bright and dewy. 

The top right shade is called Hemisphere and is a light metallic pink. When in the light this gives off a cooler highlight colour and I think this would be perfect for paler skin if you want to find something with a pop of colour that isn't to warm for you. This colour is also the perfect brow bone and inner corner eye highlight. This palette is so multi-purposeful as well - definitely worth the small price tag!

The bottom left shade is called Subsolar. This is a light champagne/gold highlight. It's on the cooler side of gold highlights and is so gorgeous! This shade again can be used for the eyes and face and is similar to my MUA highlight which is an iridescent gold shade. I also think this is kind of similar to the Becca Moonstone highlight.

The bottom left shade is Equinox. It is a warm gold shade and is gorgeous. I love wearing this shade on nights out or when I have a tan. It makes me look so dewy and glowing. It's beautiful!

Here are swatches of the colours. The first picture has a flash and the second has no flash and both have no filter. (Left to Right: Ecliptic, Subsolar, Hemisphere, Equinox)

Again I can't talk highly enough of this palette and I really do encourage you to go out and spend the money on this. I really can't stress how practical the size of this palette is and the packaging is to die for! 

So if you're looking to buy this palette you can find it HERE on the Sleek website and I know Boots, Superdrug and other smaller drugstores have sleek instore for you to check out! Let me know if you have this and what you think or if you're going to get it? :)

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