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How I Maintain and Tone My Clip-In Extensions and Colour-Freedom Metallic Glory Review!

I bought Milk + Blush Triple Weft Extensions in Spaced Out in November (Check out my initial review here). As I style mine often to wear on nights out I tend to wash them often to keep them sleek and soft. I noticed the grey tone from the ombre ends had faded and I decided to use Knight & Wilson Colour Freedom Metallic Glory in Silver Blonde. 

This is a Permanent Hair Colour and on the box looks a grey/blonde shade. The picture below shows an unfiltered picture of my extensions beside the box to show the colour before and how it should look after..

As you can see my extensions are supposed to be a grey shade but have become quite ashy blonde, that being said they are definitely not much different than when I received them, which can be seen in my review above. From the colour key on the box I expected them to be a nice toned grey/'white' shade.

The photo above is a full photo of my extensions before they were dyed. Below is the contents of the box:

The box contained:

  • Instructions
  • Gloves
  • Conditioner
  • Cream Developer
  • Colourant
I followed the instructions and left the dye on for 25 minutes (pictured below). I then followed with rinsing them, leaving the conditioner on for 5 mins and rinsed it off to leave my extensions really soft!

Once I dried my extensions, trimmed the ends and applied a little coconut oil to the ends they looked like this:

To be honest I don't see a great difference but what you mightn't be able to see from the picture is that the ends are a cooler tone with a slight grey look in the right light. The light in which I took the photo is a 'yellow' light which can cause them to look warmer in tone. This dye has definitely brought my extensions back to their original colour and removed the warm/brassy tones I didn't like about the ends.

If I was to do this again I would use one of the 'grey' dyes and not a silver blonde as I feel this would achieve the grey I wanted. All in all, I'm happy with the end result as my extensions look thicker, healthier and toned which was the next best thing to grey hair!

I would rate the dye a 3/5 as it has great conditioning qualities but lacks in the fact it didn't produce the colour promised on the box. 

What dyes/hair products do you use for the most coveted hair colour lately? Let me know in the comments!

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